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The long-term basis of cooperation, the guarantee of mutual success!

Nothing to do with HYIP projects. We work with reliable and trusted brokerage companies and payment systems.

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How to start working with you?

In order to start to cooperate with us, you have two options. The first is to register on our website and create your account with all the necessary data. The second option, if you do not want to register, our cooperation will be carried out by communicating using the methods indicated on the site.

Are there any restrictions on cooperation?

There are no restrictions. The main thing is that you are an adult, serious and understand what you want.

If I don’t have accounts in these payment systems, what then?

The easiest option is to register in these systems using the links provided on our website. This process is not complicated and takes little time. Or contact us, propose your own version, and we will solve this problem.

How to transfer funds to management correctly?

If you are registered on the site using Login and Password, go to My Account, go to the Transfer to management page, select the option that suits you and transfer the funds. After confirmation, your amount will be visible in your account. If without registration, please contact us, we will provide the details and you will transfer the funds. After confirming the receipt of funds in the account, they begin to work.

What determines the size of the monthly interest rate?

The realities of trading on the exchange. Believe me, 144% per annum, this is a good rate. We offer real numbers, not those taken from the ceiling. It is in HYIP projects and all kinds of doublers that offer sky-high digital numbers per hour, per day, per week, based on the user's greed. But in the end, just collecting money. For us, trading on the exchange is a job, not a game.

How is interest paid?

From the moment you transfer the amount to the management, every 30 days we transfer you your earnings to the account from which you transferred the money. If these were bitcoins, then the listing will be in bitcoins to the address that you indicated at the beginning of cooperation. If it was US dollars with AdvCash or Spectrocoin, then the monthly amount will be transferred to the same accounts in these systems accordingly. We are not engaged in an exchange. You can do this yourself after receiving the money.

How long does it take to transfer funds?

In cryptocurrency, it depends on the network. As a rule, after 6 confirmations, funds become available. It does not depend on us. Inside payment systems, transactions are processed, as a rule, instantly.

Do you have an affiliate program?

None. We are not advocates of mass involvement of people in the project. It is better to have a small number of serious and really interested clients, than a user database with small amounts or simply registered for the sake of interest. And frankly speaking, there is no time for this. But to you, no one bothers to attract people and negotiate directly with them, without our participation.