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Project working conditions

The conditions of our project and the principle of operation are extremely simple and understandable - your income is 12% every 30 days for 1 year, but not less than 180 days. At the end of this period, the principal amount is refunded or may be extended by prior agreement. There is no minimum threshold for the amounts transferred to the management, but the best option is the 500 USD or equivalent in bitcoins at the exchange rate at the time of transfer. Large amounts are negotiated individually. Work with each principal is carried out individually. No bulk payments. Funds will be transferred only to the confirmed addresses of the project participants (principals). Your funds are stored in secure accounts of brokerage companies. Personal information is stored locally. On the project website, no data is stored.
Examples of calculating your income:

As you can see for yourself, everything is extremely simple. You can participate in the project either as a registered Principal, or without registration. Registration is not a prerequisite, but welcome. In your personal account, you will have access to data on your transferred amounts, percentage and amount of monthly payments, contact details, payment details, etc.
If you decide to participate without registration, the entire exchange of information (details, amounts, payments, etc.) will be carried out through personal communication (letters, messengers). The choice of participation in the project is yours.
You can find out about brokerage companies and payment systems with which we work and give preference on the relevant pages About brokers ... and About Payments ...